Friday, April 8, 2011

Month of Leisure & Pressure.

oh MG, i really don't know why i came to the extend like dis pic .
Month of Leisure a.k.a Shopping when You Got Pressure.
regrat coz i could't cope wit dis one currently.
no one know, only you and me, 
huhh, full of secret ?

You know yourself better than everyone else.
sometimes, you just can't handle it
so sad
four digit number saving every month
why can't you do it this time
please differentiate between your needs and wants
beware, devils are everywhere!

You, yes you. the one who always a good finance manager.
adviser, consultant of your own. Can't control this time.
what happen huhh! saving and controlling yourself from the DEVIL here!

i HATE you DEVIL  
not the devil who wears PRADA!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bila terasa beratnya

what to say, or what to write here.
at this moment, words does't enough to express what is inside someone heart and mind
or it could lead  missunderstanding by the people who read it.
at the end, bigger prob could arise...
by what? well by....

man judgement. not God.
u ar nobody, it's not your right.


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